Dwayne Johnson, aka. the Rock, was born in May 1972. What’s the secret to make a man keep his full energy and body in shape even age over 45?

Before we dive into how does he do, we must look back to the excellent gene from his family.

Brief Story of The Rock

Dwayne Johnson is an actor, producer, and former professional wrestler. He is known internationally for his iconic charming smile. In 2019, he is at the top of the Forbes list of the world’s ten highest-paid actors.

What's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Workout Routine?

He got his start as the son of professional wrestler Rocky Johnson.

The Rock is a BORN athlete. He was also a track and field player in high school and a college football player for the University of Miami.

After he got injured, Dwayne chose to follow his family’s footsteps to become a wrestler in WWF in 1996.

So, what are the reasons that make him so active, powerful, full of energy and stay so fit at his age over 45?

Routine Training Is the Answer

From above the little background story of “The Rock”, we know he basically never lives without sports, or let’s say the “high-strength” or “PRO-level” sports.

To maintain his body to be able to survive and compete in those “PRO-level” sports games, he gotta has a complete and a “Tailor-made” workout plan.

Luckily we are pleased to unveil the secret and learn “The Rock’s” KICKASS workout routines from his channel “THE ROCK” on YouTube.

The Rock’s Ultimate Workout – Detailed explanation


Blood, Sweat and Respect. The first two you give, the last one you earn. – Dwayne Johnson.

Viedo Sections

00:16: Warm-Up – PLANK

00:28: Warm-Up – Resistance Band

00:35: Warm-Up – Shoulder Dumbbell Fly

00:35: Leg Raise Or Knee Raise

Target Muscles: Abs and Core Muscles

00:57: Dumbbell Reverse Fly

Target Muscles: Upper Back
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00:59: Stand Rope Straight-Arm Pulldown

Target Muscles: Lats/Back and Shoulders

  1. Grab the rope to a high pulley with a standing posture.
  2. Keeping your arms straight, extend the shoulder to pull the rope down to your thighs.
  3. Pause at the bottom of the motion, squeezing your lats.
  4. Return to the starting position without releasing the weight and feel the tension.

1:01: Back Workout – Reverse Grip Lat Pull Down

Target Muscles: Lats

1:10: Dumbbell Incline Bench Press

Target Muscles: Upper Chest
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1:40: Row/Isolated Row

Target Muscles: Back

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1:47: Incline Bench Press

Target Muscles: Upper Chest

1:54: Chest Dips With Chains

Target Muscles: Main Lower Chest, Triceps

1:59: High Cable Crossover and Pushup Bwetten Sets

Target Muscles: Chest, Inner Chest

2:09: Seated Dumbbell Overhead

Target Muscles: Triceps

2:10: Bench Dips

Target Muscles: Triceps

2:13: Standing Dumbbell Row

Target Muscles: Back

2:28: Stand Rope Straight-Arm Pulldown

Target Muscles: Lats/Back and Shoulders

2:40: Barbell Curl

Target Muscles: Biceps

What's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Workout Routine? Barbell Curl

2:56: Bent Over Dumbbell Curl

Target Muscles: Biceps

3:00: Reverse Incline Bench Barbell Spider Curl

Target Muscles: Biceps

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3:08: Superman Motion

Target Muscles: Abs, Gluteus, Spine (relieve back pain)

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Safety Reminder

Some motions might get you injured if you’ve never learned it before. You better ask for a tutor to avoid any risk of injury if you don’t know how to do it.

We are just average joe, not “The Rock”. These high strength motions maybe suit for veterans but not everyone. So the best way is properly adding some of the useful exercises into your workout routine according to your condition.

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