metabolic confusion

Metabolic confusion is an excellent way to lose weight.  Endomorphs can specifically benefit from this technique.  Metabolic confusion for endomorphs is a great way to lose weight.  If you are an endomorph looking for a way to lose weight, this is the technique for you.

Well, how do you know if you are an endomorph?  Do you gain weight quickly but just can’t lose it? Is your body’s natural size larger than most of the people? Do you carry more weight around your thigh area or midsection? The scientific term for this kind of body type is endomorph.

Typically, endomorphs are people with body types that store fat more easily, making weight loss difficult. The body of an endomorph is wider than that of an ectomorph or mesomorph, with large bony structure and slower metabolisms. But endomorphs can conquer weight loss by simply paying attention to their bodies and tweaking their food intake to achieve the desired weight and muscle building aims.

Metabolic Confusion Explained

Endomorphs can usually suffer from some degree of carbs and insulin sensitivity. Foods rich in carbs convert into sugars and are more likely to be converted into fats than burned for energy. That’s the very reason endomorphs do much better on a diet low in carbohydrates. By reducing the amount of carbohydrate intake these people can make a significant change in their body fat.

This is the reason it is vital to familiarize yourself with the concepts of metabolic confusion for endomorphs. Metabolic confusion works on the idea that you can easily lose weight by ‘eating more’ but at various intervals to confuse your metabolism so that it starts to work faster than normal. The main key to this kind of eating routine is to alter the days of caloric intake. In simpler terms, you eat foods that add up to a large number of calories one day, and the next day you eat foods with lot less calories ultimately lead to fat loss.

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How to Perform Metabolic Confusion

Instead of eating meals in the same routine with the same amount of calories, you eat four or more meals every day varying the amount of calories per meal. A caloric deficit is still necessary for weight loss so you must monitor your total calorie intake. Every meal should be different in terms of total calories. For example, the first meal could be 600 calories. The next one could be 150, the next could be 300, and so on.

You can also induce metabolic confusion by varying calories on a day-to-day basis as opposed to a meal-to-meal basis.  For example, on Monday you may eat 1500 calories, Tuesday 800 calories, Wednesday 1000 calories…etc. keeping your calories under 1500 or a reduce amount overall.

By maintaining your eating habits ‘uncertain’,’ you create an ‘effect’ of metabolic confusion. Meaning your body adjusts your metabolism based on the order you eat. If there is no order, then the body raises metabolism to compensate for the ‘disorder’ caused due to erratic caloric values each day. Long story short…metabolic confusion for endomorphs is a great way to maintain shape and lose weight.

If you are not eating any fattening food or taking any medications (consult your doctor to check which of your medications can interfere with metabolic confusion), there shouldn’t be any kind of issues. In the end, this is an effective technique to speed your metabolism.


Best Approach for Metabolic Confusion for Endomorphs

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with metabolic confusion you’ll be wondering how to induce it. The best way to induce metabolic confusion for endomorphs is to start carb cycling.

Carb cycling is a way of eating where you rotate the amount of total carb intake around the week. On some days you eat a higher amount of carbohydrates, while on others you eat a minimal amount of carbohydrates. Higher carb days should be the days you are more active and participate in exercise.  Low carb days should typically be reserved for less active rest days.

Carbohydrate cycling includes rotating the levels of carb intake throughout the week. For a few days (no more than 2 -3), you eat more grams of healthy carbs while on others, you eat a lot less. The idea behind doing carb cycling is to enhance the metabolic rate. This continuous cycling of carbs gives your body enough time to get adapted to the regular consumption of carbs.

In this way, your body is unable to set a fixed rate of the fat burning process. This, in turn, increases the metabolism of the body.

Carbohydrate cycling is said to be extremely useful for inducing metabolic confusion for endomorphs. Because endomorphs have a slower metabolism and increased sensitivity to carbs, they gain fat easily. This diet plan helps regulate their carb sensitivities and help them control their weight gain.

Following is the sample of an effective way to cycle carbs for one week:

  • Monday: High carb day: consume between 120 -150 grams of carbs
  • Tuesday: Low-carb day: consume no more 50 – 75 grams of carbs
  • Wednesday: Follow a no-carb diet rich in healthy fat and protein
  • Thursday: Follow a no-carb diet rich in healthy fat and protein
  • Friday: High carb day: consume between 120 -150 grams of carbs
  • Saturday: Low-carb day: consume no more 50 – 75 grams of carbs
  • Sunday: Follow a no-carb diet rich in healthy fat and protein


Best Carbs for Metabolic Confusion for Endomorphs

Mentioned below are the seven best sources of carbs to create a metabolic confusion for endomorphs.

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes refer to one of the best carbs you can consume during carb cycling. They are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, anti-inflammatory agents and other useful ingredients. Therefore, you must eat them a few times a week.


Potatoes are another excellent type of carbs that are extremely easy to digest. They are packed with nutrients and vitamins and help promote satiety. All these effects when combined increase your overall performance. Fried potatoes (French fries) are a no-no.


Quinoa is a gluten-free alternative that is not only a good source of carb but also controls your protein intake and various essential amino acids.

Rice (White or Brown):

The carbs acquired through white or brown varieties of rice are usually considered bad. However, these carbs are extremely easy to digest and consist of a high dose of minerals and vitamins.

For people struggling with digestion, white rice must be preferred to brown rice.

Steel Cut Oats:

Steel cut oats have a low glycemic index which promotes satiety and keeps you fuller for longer durations.

Black Beans:

Black beans have a low glycemic index and have high fiber content. This means it will not affect your blood sugar.


Fruits like apples, bananas, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries are the best ways to get carbs during carb cycling. These fruits are rich in minerals, vitamins, and nutrients in addition to high-quality carbs which are guaranteed to provide faster results.


7 Benefits of Metabolic Confusion for Endomorphs

Wondering why you should try metabolic confusion for endomorphs? Check out the following benefits.

  1. It Boosts Metabolism

Carb cycling is a great way to ensure that your body is performing well at breaking down and utilizing calories.

  1. It Gives you Energy

Carb cycling is a great way to balance insulin levels which, in turn, provides your body with balanced energy.

  1. It Prevents Fatigue

Restricting your carbs can often make you feel cranky, but this does not always mean you get tired too. Carb cycling can, in fact, improve your energy levels making sure you stay away from fatigue, something that you don’t see with other low-carb diets.

  1. It Improves Workout Recovery

Carb cycling doesn’t mean you are completely cutting off carbs. A majority of the carbs you take are around the time you are doing weight training so most of them go into maintaining post-workout nutrition. This consequently enhances recovery.

  1. It Promotes Lean Muscle Growth

Carb cycling can be used for weight gain as well as fat loss. By increasing the number of carbs to your diet, you may provide an anabolic environment to the body which increases muscle mass.

Conversely, lowering your carbs on other days can help you get rid of fat (mainly due to a reduction in lipogenesis.

  1. It Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Prolonged periods of taking high carbs or no carbs at all can make you insulin resistant. This means that your body cells stop responding to glucose which can severely damage your health.

Carb cycling can help prevent this as it continuously alters between low-carb and high-carb diets, leading to better overall health.

  1. It Cause Glycogen Super-Compensation

A few days of hard training together with a low-carb diet can reduce the quantities of glycogen stored in your muscles. This increases the levels of glycogen synthase, an enzyme that converts glucose into glycogen.

As soon as you raise your carb intake, your body will require time to recognize that there is a sufficient amount of glucose for the enzyme to act on. During this window, your muscles will consume all the carbs you are eating like a sponge, resulting in harder, fuller, and bigger muscles.

Concluding Thoughts on Metabolic Confusion for Endomorphs

Creating metabolic confusion through carb cycling is the best way to help endomorphs lose weight. With constant alterations in the level of carbs in the body, the creation of confusion in the body’s metabolism can help endomorphs tackle carb insensitivity and deal with slower metabolisms in a much more efficient way.