How we manage my husband’s ADD & Depression Naturally

I never thought my husband had depression.

He is a charming, friendly, and an incredibly capable man who just loves people! He is an amazing husband and father, who deeply cares about those around him. He is outgoing, smiles at everyone… and also struggled deeply with his self-confidence.

To the outside world, no one would ever suspect his inner struggles.

As he entrusted me with his inner-demons, I would be sure and show him how amazing he really was.

Most of the time, that seemed to be enough (or at least I thought so!)

We are both super interested in mindset empowerment, and so we spent a lot of time and effort on working on our self-image, thoughts, and on our goals. We have vision boards, mantras on our mirror, and we work very hard to focus on the positive.

To me, these things have become such a part of my life it is almost natural for me.

For him, he would fight his mindset every day! And it truly was a fight! Most of the time he would win.

Then I started to notice a pattern:

Because of his winning personality, he is always being recruited to be a salesman in various companies.

I would notice that when commissions were good, his attitude, feeling of self-worth, and everything was easier for him to maintain.

But when times got hard, he would start spiraling. It would take everything out of him to be good at work, then he would come home and just veg in front of the tv or play video games.

He would still engage with us, but he was so mentally tired. I tried to help him stay positive through it, feeling so strongly that if he would just shift his mindset, everything would be better… but he couldn’t. I didn’t realize that he LITERALLY couldn’t!

Finally, a trusted adviser recommended that my husband see a therapist.

As he sat with the therapist, and this amazing counselor explained depression and it’s connection to ADD, everything that my husband struggled with made sense.

ADD, Depression, and Anxiety can each trigger the other. In my husband’s case, his ADD would go into hyper mode when times were bad, triggering Anxiety, and then finally spiraling into Depression.

His ADD made his depression worse when it wasn’t being treated!

And, in sales the pressure of the need to make a sale just increased the demands on his brain, and his brain PHYSICALLY couldn’t handle it!

While he was fighting so hard to think in the way he knew would be good for him, it took all his energy to fight. He couldn’t force his brain to do what it needed to do because the brain didn’t have the ability to do it!

We have always done our best to treat things naturally first. Being aware of his ADD for awhile, we had already found a great supplement to help with that (which he ran out, and it was too expensive to replace when times were hard, triggering his anxiety and depression!)

 Now we began a search of what else he needed to do in order to fully help him be in control of his own mind.

A close up of three bottles of supplements, calm, zing, and biotics. with title feed your brain. supplements that help manage add and anxiety

Here is what we have found that works for him!

In the morning:

In the afternoon:

In the Evening:

  • 1 Tablespoon of Calm (a magnesium supplement for stress)

90% of the time, this regime has him operating at 100% and he feels amazing, in control of his own mind, and capable.

Because the ADD/Anxiety/Depression is cyclical for him, there is a point during the month were for a few days it is a harder struggle. During that time, he also takes some prescription ADD medicine in the morning.

My husband was on the supplements for less than a week when we noticed a significant difference! He still had energy when he came home… and for the first time in his life, there was NO FIGHT on the inside! He could just think right, without struggle and effort! He was thrilled to feel like finally, all the mental training was effective!

It has now been a year of this routine.

His cycles of depression (which for him included paranoia that nobody liked him,) are almost non-existent. Now and then he will go through it for an hour or so, and then he recovers quickly, but even that seems to be going away!

He returned to sales again, and is rocking it! He really does love it and feels like he has the knowledge and tools to handle the ups and downs!

I cannot say enough about the difference this has made for us! We try to do most things naturally. We really did look into medication for his depression, but with the long list of side-effects, we decided to try feeding the brain as well. I am so glad we did!

My husband’s depression looked different than the ones I had heard about… but it still was there just the same.

My husband now can truly be the master of his thoughts, attitude, and life! He doesn’t have to fight himself anymore! The sparkle is back in his eyes and the spring is back in his step. That is invaluable to me!

On a side note, the longer he is on the supplements, the more it seems to be healing his whole body:

A man holding nutritional supplements and smiling. with title A D D and anxiety review quote it seems to be healing his whole body. he has lost weight, sleeps better, and has more energy than before. end quote

He has lost weight, sleeps better, and has more energy than ever before.

I started taking the Fundamentals Pack also, and while I never have struggled with true depression, it has lifted the fog from my mind and made me feel so good! I love them too!

The B12 we use is Kirtland Brand and you can get it from Amazon

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