Use these tips and tricks to make a delicious charcuterie board for your next party or gathering! Take these charcuterie board ideas and put together the cheese plate of your dreams.

Do you want to make an epic charcuterie board for guests?

Follow this guide to make an epic charcuterie board for a party, gathering or even just date night!

One Christmas my dad gave me the job of assembling the charcuterie board for the family Christmas eve party. I fell in love with the process of selecting the perfect ingredients, slicing them up just so and arranging them on the board or platter.

Now, friends and family regularly request these epic charcuterie boards from me for parties or just simple backyard dinners.

Many people ask how I learned how to assemble charcuterie boards and I don’t have a quick answer. My dad has always loved food and party planning, so he instilled that love in me growing up.

The other part of it is just constantly making them and trying new combinations of ingredients. I now have an endless list of charcuterie board ideas in my head.

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