Why to Build An Own Home Gym?

Because of the lock down due to the pandemic. Being quarantined at home could be a serious panic for those gym-goers. When you’re stuck at home it’s easy to get lazy and fall into an unhealthy routine. So that’s why more and moer people are considering building an own home gym.

Or maybe you are one of those guys who hate exercising in front of people, don’t want to pay a monthly membership fee, or don’t have a lot of time to go to the gym. Setting up a home gym is an effective and convenient way to get a workout in and time, cost-saving.

The CDC recommends adults get 150 minutes of exercise per week, through a mix of muscle training, moderate-intensity aerobic activity (walking), and vigorous-intensity aerobic activity (running or jogging). That sounds like a lot, but it’s a small investment for your overall health and well-being. Actually, building a home gym or personal workout area doesn’t have to take a ton of time or money.

However, a home gym can help you to stay fit and healthy for sure, but if your body goal is to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger, a home gym is not your best option.

How to Easily Have A Home Gym On Budget?

As mentioned, considering the convenience and budget, the difficulty of equipment installation, as well as the size of the venue, we will not recommend some large composite gym equipment today.

So, what it is?

Yes, the Gonex Home Gym Workout Equipment is the thing today we are gonna talk about.

As you can see in the picture, the Gonex Home Gym Set provides many accessories which include the base plate, two resistance band sets, handles, and straps, but also an ab roller, push-up handlebars, and versatile 3 section bar. It’s an ALL-IN-ONE HOME GYM EQUIPMENT SYSTEM.

Most customers highlight how versatile the Gonex home gym is, not only for upper body exercises but also for lower body workouts, this is a

It provides many variations, yet it is still affordable, easy to install, easy to use, and portable.

What Exercises You Can Do With Gonex Home Gym Workout Set?

What Customer Reviews Say?

Keep Fit Everywhere

I like this product. Make sure you look at the diagrams for shortening the bands for bicep curls. I breezed through without really looking and missed quite a bit and was initially disappointed. It seems to be study, and will be great to take to beach on weekends. I like it and it a nice change from dumbbells and works muscles differently. I would recommend, it is a good value.

All in One For Whole Body Exercising

Initially, I was concerned because the box it came in seemed too small to fit all the exercises that I would be able to do. And even though there are only a couple of pieces to the set, it’s still really useful because they can all be used in a lot of different ways. You can get a full lower body, upper body, and core workout depending on how you end up using it. since it’s not a stable gym, it uses your own bodyweight to weigh things down.

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