11 Resistance Band Exercises For Your Arms

Are you interested in knowing some new resistance band exercises to freshen up your current home workout routine?There has been a huge demand for...
seated cable row alternative

8 Best Seated Cable Row Alternative Exercises

The seated cable row exercise is an awesome exercise with great benefits to your back muscles. But, for many people, it might be inaccessible...
7 Habits Of Fit Women

7 Habits Of Fit Women

‘7 Habits Of Fit Women – This Is How They Stay Fit’ – Monica May Are you struggling to stay fit?Well, if you follow these...
How to exercise at home during winter

How To Exercise At Home Even During Winter

With the busy lifestyle that a lot of us have, finding time to exercise can be difficult. During winter when it’s cold and everyone...
Fit Girl's Guide On Becoming Vegan

Fit Girl’s Guide On Becoming Vegan

“Fit Girl’s Guide To Becoming Vegan Athlete – How To Go Vegan & Why” – Monica May Coming as someone who eats eggs and cheese...
kachin diabetes solution books

Kachin Diabetes Solution Review – Healthy Living Daily

Kachin Diabetes Solution, found online at KachinDiabetesSolution.com, is a new health guide which promises to help people lose weight, control their blood sugar, and...
Fit Girl's Holiday Gift Guide

Fit Girl’s Holiday Gift Guide

***This article is sponsored by iHerb*** The festive season is just around the corner, and I’m sure everyone is slowly starting to prepare presents for...

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