can women shave their face

Women face a lot of problems with unwanted facial hair growth. The biggest nightmare is when you think of threading as that will bring big red blotches on your face. The next try is to go for waxing. But unfortunately, that also brings swollen, sore, and red skin.

The never-ending hunt for a flawless smooth skin keeps running in your mind. When you have a party or dinner date to attend in a short notice, the thought of shaving may arise. It is the fastest and simplest process of removal of facial hair.

This is the moment when a lot of questions cloud your mind. Is it safe to try shaving? Will now the hair growth double up or will it make matters worse? Is it okay for women to try facial shaving?

It is a common practice for women to try shaving armpits, hands, legs, and pubic hair. This is the cheaper, DIY option to remove hair, peach fuzz, and dead skin cells from your skin. But when it comes to face shaving, women still think several times before jumping into a conclusion.

Tips to remember before you start shaving your face

  • Don’t Believe the Myth: It is myth people keeping believing from years that shaving will make your facial hair grow into a thicker and coarser version like men. It will neither grow faster, nor will it become darker. There is no effect on the growth rate of hair. Shaving can’t change the number of hair follicles present in your skin. The hair follicles are programmed in a certain growth rate and pattern which shaving can’t alter.
  • Avoid Same Razor: You should never use the same razor that you use for the removal of body hair. This ideally for avoiding irritation and potential infection that may come from bacteria or dead skin cells. If you try to use the same razor, it will bring risks due to cuts, inflammation, scarring, and ingrown hairs.
  • Use New And Clean Razor: Grab a new clean facial razor whenever you are going to shave your face. Try to get a specifically designed razor particularly for the removal of delicate peach fuzz. The vellus hairs are the tiny peach fuzz covering your face which fails to bring a smooth application of foundation. This hair makes your face lack its luster.
  • Sanitize Your Razor Before Use: It is necessary to sanitize your razor before every application. It is advised to rub it with alcohol so that it reduces the risk of infection.
  • Follow Perfect Direction: Though shaving can have skin smoothening benefits, the friction and microdamage caused while shaving can bring irritating ingrown hairs. To prevent that irritation, it is recommended to shave your hair in the same direction of the hair growths. You can gently wash it with a washcloth after the procedure.
  • When You Should Avoid Shaving: If you have active breakouts like acne or open wound on your skin, it is advised to avoid shaving as it will worsen the scenario. It can result in serious infections if you shave on pimpled skin.
  • Use Best Razors For Women: When you are going to buy a new razor for yourself, try to get a precision handheld facial blade razor geared for women. The women’s razors are particularly designed for facial use. It gently skims off peach fuzz from the delicate areas, especially the chin or upper lip. That makes it easier and diminishes the chance of ingrown hairs and irritation.

The advantages of facial shaving:

advantages of facial shaving for women
Woman having facial care.

1. A simple and easy method

Shaving your hair is simpler and trouble-free than threading or plucking your hair. It is a painless process as compared to waxing. The best part is that it is cheaper and you can do the entire process sitting in the comfort of your room.

2. Ideally good for your skin

Shaving helps you to get a shiner and brighter version of your skin. It removes the excess baby hair from your face. It also removes debris and dead skin cells to give you flawless skin. It helps in exfoliating your skin to provide a soft complexion and luminous look.

3. Helps in better absorption of skincare products

When your debris and dead skin cells are cleared from your skin, your skin will glow. Shaving also unclogs the pores in your skin which, in turn, helps your skin to absorb more of the skincare products.

Try to use Aloe Vera gel or any skincare products with vitamin E or products with antioxidants and active ingredients immediately after shaving your face to get a wondrous skin.

4. Smooth application of makeup

Have you ever wondered how glowingly beautiful face do the beauty bloggers flaunt?  That is the result of shaving their faces as shaving makes makeup application easy and smooth. You will be amazed to notice how the foundation will glide on your shaved face.

The smoother face becomes the perfect canvas for the concealer, foundation, and other beauty products. All these products stick nicely to your skin for a better look.

The correct way to shave your face:

correct way to shave your face
Woman moisturizing face after shaving.

Men have thick, rough, and coarse facial hair as compared to women. You might have gained some knowledge of seeing your father or brother shaving, but that might not help to shave your delicate skin. So you will need some special preparations before shaving.

1. Face cleaning

Many likes to shave their face on dry skin, but dermatologists recommend going for face wash and shaving on damp skin. It is ideal to wet your entire face first to soften your hair follicles. Thoroughly cleaning your face will also help you to make your skin dirt and impurities free.

You can use a gentle cleanser to wash it and pat it dry. Enjoy a comfortable shaving experience after cleaning.

2. Application of shaving cream or gel

It is required to have an extra layer in between your razor and skin. This is when you need to apply a shaving cream or gel so that the razor smoothly glides on your face. The cream helps you from the risk of cuts, and it also helps your skin to remain hydrated. Alternatively, you can use soap instead of shaving cream.

3. Shave

Use a sharp facial women razor instead of high-end razors with 4 to 5 blades. Single bladed razor is fine if it is designed for facial hair. Here, you can also opt for men’s razors as they are meant for tough hairs. This extremely sharp razor helps in the reduction of ingrown hairs. Apply short and steady strokes to shave in the direction in which the hair grows.

4. Moisturize

When you complete shaving, wash your face and apply a suitable moisturizer or facial oil. Remember to use an alcohol-free product. Make sure to wait for some time before you apply any beauty products or makeup.

Now, as you know the steps and precautions related to face shaving, you can shave weekly or monthly according to your hair growth rate. So if you are looking for a simpler way of removing hair with pain, then shaving will be the best option. If you are in the lookout of some skin rejuvenating options then contacting a skin specialist would be a better idea.

All the information given above is for educational and informational purposes. Do not take the article content as any medical advice for skin-related issues. It is advised to contact your skin specialist or beauty-care giver if you are having any facial hair removal problems and need to be addressed for immediate care and attention.

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