Everyone says squat is the king of strength training and one of the best full-body exercises. Whether you are a gym-goer or a busy bee has no time to exercise, squat is the only exercise you’d need to do with less pay but great results.

There are many types of squats to try, you can do squats with barbells or Smith machines in the gym, or using a dumbbell, kettlebell or even bodyweight to squat at home or any places whatever you like.

The Benefits of Squats

#1. It’s A Whole-Body Workout

Squat uses the most Major muscle groups, and almost all bones participate in exerting force. You can train most part of the muscles at a time.

「squats muscle」5 Benefits of Squat

#2. Squat is The Best Exercise to Grow Muscle

We know testosterone is the key to grow our muscle mass, and squats is just the greatest testosterone maker.

When we are doing squat training, the amount of testosterone that will be consumed due to the high-intensity process, and that means that our intelligent body needs to generate more testosterone for the body to continue to perform squats training.

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#3. Squat Optimizes Your Cardiopulmonary Function

Generally, anaerobic training has little benefits to grow cardiopulmonary function. But squat is recognized as a strength training that combines cardio.

Taking a deep breath before you start the move and hold your breath for squat until you stand up. The entire process needs to be completed with many techniques of breath.

So the cardiopulmonary function will be strengthened gradually along with more squats you do every day.

#4. Want to Build Amazing Butt? Try Squats!

5 Benefits of Squat | Get Booty

If you think there are only girls who need to build an amazing butt? That will be absolutely wrong for today.

More men are starting to focus on hip muscle training, they want to build a nice looking butt and regard it as the symbol of kinda sexy.

5 Benefits of Squat | MAN WITH BOOTY

#5. Squat Improves Your Sexual Drive

Ya, you hear me right again, squat can improves your sexual performance. The reason is also simple because it can effectively promote testosterone secretion where we mentioned at benefits number two.

Testosterone is the hormone that boosts sexual desire, Men might experience less interest in sex as the testosterone level declines, or not be able to sexually perform as well as they would like.

「sexual drive」5 Benefits of Squat

So don’t ever miss it when you’re still young, guys!

Try 100 bodyweight squats for 100 days starting from today. You’ll be surprised at the amazing result.