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Many endomorph women are looking for ways of losing fat without even actually knowing their body types. Finding the best female endomorph workout plan is key. In this article we will tell you the ideal workouts for female endomorphs and give you three free workouts to get started.


The Three Body Types

The body shape are categorized into three distinct types. Generally, every person’s body falls into one of these categories. These categories are:

  • Ectomorph Body: Ectomorph body is characterized by a lean and long structure. Such people often complain that no matter how much they eat, they aren’t able to gain weight. These people can have difficulty in building muscle mass.
  • Endomorph Body: Endomorph body is characterised by higher body fat. These people often have a pear shape body. Their bodies tend to store fat very easily. Even moderate eating can lead to gaining weight for them.
  • Mesomorph Body: The mesomorph body type is characterized by a muscular and well-built body. The people who have this body have very responsive muscle cells. They also have a high metabolism rate.
female endomorph workout

As you can see, a female endomorph workout needs to be different and more specialized than other body types. This is because they need exercises which primarily focus on weight loss and fat burning. This is not so much the case with other two body types which need a greater focus on muscle building.

The Endomorph Body

People with an endomorph body type have the basic tendency to gain weight easily. Once their body has accumulated the extra pounds, female endomorphs find it very hard to burn them. For this reason, a female endomorph workout plan needs to be focused on intense fat burning.

Endomorphs have a bulky body. Their ribcage is very thick. Further, they have thicker joints as well. The limbs seem to be shorter and the hips are as wide as the clavicle.


female endomorph workout

Some of the most beautiful women in the world like Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Lopez have an endomorph body. If you have an endomorph body, it’s not all bad news.  You are actually lucky because you have the ability to achieve that sought-after hourglass figure if you have larger hips.  All you need to do is drop a few pounds so you can get your body in the perfect proportions. This can be done by burning fat and building lean muscles.

Best Female Endomorph Workout: Interval Training

Interval training is one of the best methods for a female endomorph workout. It is an efficient workout strategy that can lead to optimal weight loss. Interval training can be done through several methods two of which are HIIT and Tabata.

Female Endomorph Workout: HIIT

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is an interval training method in which the workout is divided into two interwoven training sessions. First, you go through some type of high intensity anaerobic cardio. You do this for a short interval of time and then you take a short recovery period.

It is one of the best methods to incorporate into a female endomorph workout because you lose fat not only during the intense workout but also when your body is recovering after your workout.  The general length of a training session can go for around 30 minutes. Its benefits include:

  • Burns a larger number of calories (around 30% more) than a normal workout.
  • Significantly heightens your metabolic rate even hours after the workout.
  • Leads to the building of muscle mass.
  • Reduces heart rate and blood pressure.

Female Endomorph Workout: Tabata

Tabata is a specialized form of Interval Training introduced by Dr Izumi Tabata. In Tabata training, the entire length of the exercise is about four minutes.

Tabata workouts involves a repeated cycle of 20 seconds of workout and 10 seconds of rest. The 20 seconds of exercise should involve pushing your limits and testing your endurance.

If done properly, Tabata workouts can be the most effective weight loss strategy you will ever use. Its benefits include:

  • Tabata workouts reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome.
  • Leads to mitochondrial biogenesis, which helps you in staying young.
  • Helps in preserving your muscle and reducing muscle deterioration.
  • Is the fastest way to accomplish the highest fat loss.

Best Female Endomorph Workout: Weight Training

If you have an endomorph body, losing fat shouldn’t be your only priority. You also need to focus on building muscle and getting your muscles in shape. Therefore, a female endomorph workout should also include weight training.

The best form of weight training for such a body type is compound lifts. Compound lifts are the lifts which involve the combination of two or more lifts so that a larger muscle group is at use.

For example, if you are doing bicep curls, you are building the muscles in your biceps. If you are doing lunges, you build the muscles in your legs like thighs, hamstring, etc. However, if you combine these two, you could build all these muscles at the same time.


Full body female endomorph workouts should involve compound lifts and other exercises that engage more than one muscle group. For the upper body, you should perform 3 to 5 sets of around 10-12 repetitions. Lower body you should include 3 to 5 sets of around 15 repetitions. For fat burning; try to do more repetitions with lighter weights.

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Some of the benefits of compound lifting include:

  • Burn more calories due to more amount of muscles involved.
  • Improve coordination between muscles.
  • Increase the dynamic flexibility of the muscles.

Optimize Endomorph Workout

A female endomorph workout isn’t just limited to the exercise you do. Your body is influenced by the food you eat as well. Therefore, if you working this hard to lose some weight, you should also focus on what you eat as well.

It is a good idea to eliminate processed foods from your daily meal plan. They contain a lot of fats, and are not the healthy fats that your body requires. You should include protein powders like whey protein to help in building the muscle mass.

The best diet you can have for your endomorph body type is a diet comprising of lower carbs, high amount of healthy fats, and high proteins. Add some high fiber components in your diet as well. Check out our list of the top 10 most important endomorph diet tips by clicking the link below.


Lastly, making healthy substitutions like using olive oil instead of refined oil to make sure you get the right amounts of healthy fats.

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