My Bone Broth Fast Review: Eating nothing but bone broth for 3 days. Why I did it, the health benefits of bone broth, and how much weight I lost.

This blog post is about bone broth and how it can have a positive impact on your weight loss journey.

Fasting with bone broth has become an increasingly popular trend over the past few years. It’s more than just a diet, bone broth fasting provides a complete detoxification of the digestive system and helps to repair any damage that may have been done from poor eating habits or lack of sleep.

In this article I will share my experience with bone broth fasting, as well as some tips for anyone looking to try it out themselves!

First of all. this isn’t my first fast. I’ve done:

Fasts do really well for me. But it shouldn’t be a surprise that I am not the fondest of them.

Why? Because I love food!

And my cravings. . . it’s not quite cravings. . . call it desire, of food escalates where I am just salivating over every idea of anything that can be eaten.

But I do like the results I usually get, so this is my Bone Broth Fast review.

The last couple of times I have fasted. . . even a simple 24 hour fast. . . ended with me feeling close to passing out and sick to my stomach. which is very weird to me.

So after learning a few things about my body from doctors (I know, I know, I should have talked to them first! Which is what you should do!)

I learned that one of the warnings about fasting was for people to be very careful if they have some sort of low blood supply. And it looks like I have not recovered as much as I thought I had since the birth of my baby, and subsequent hemorrhage. I took all the iron pills that they asked me to, but apparently, I should have kept up with it.

So basically fasting put a great strain on my blood, which it couldn’t handle already.

So this is where the bone broth fast review comes in.

Instead of doing a full on water fast, I chose to do a broth fast and keeping up with all of my supplements (iron and chlorophyll included) and just let my body absorb all the nutrients it could get, and just not any of the extra stuff that is in food.

It went so great!

I had been following the keto diet (with 4 days of exception) completely for 46 days, plus intermittent fasting. . . 30 of those, I hadn’t lost a single pound. But I had started working out a ton, and I had lost 3 inches in my waist. So it wasn’t a total loss. . . but I was so ready to move that number on the scale!

I went from 161 to 153 in those 3 days! I was so very very happy!

I was hungry. But whenever I felt weak, I just got a bowl of bone broth, and I was good! I salted it generously with pink salt, and usually put a pat of butter (healthy fats) in it.

Along with those, I kept up on supplements like: Iron, Chlorophyll, Symplex F, Calcium, Magnesium, Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric, Vitamin D and C, and some zinc.

Bone Broth as my Fasting Liquid of choice

One of the most common bone broth fasting questions is “why bone broth?”

There are other liquid fasts we can do. What makes bone broth better than a juice cleanse, or a lemon cleanse, or anything else?

There are many benefits to bone broth and fasting.

The main reason for bone broth fasting is that it allows your digestive system to take a break and focus on other things like healing, detoxing, or just resting. Bone broths also have properties that can help relieve symptoms of various health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, obesity, or high cholesterol levels. In addition to these benefits bone broths contain vital nutrients such as collagen protein which helps heal joints and bones while reducing inflammation in the body. Plus it’s delicious and satisfying!

What To Eat To Break A Bone Broth Fast

Getting out of a bone broth fast was not as difficult for my stomach as a true fast was. But I still was very careful not to overload my digestive system now that it had a cleanse.

I went straight back into a keto diet, but stayed away from hard, solid foods, and didn’t eat meat for the next day. I ate eggs, cauliflower rice, or other soft veggies. I needed to make sure I included fermented foods to help rebalance my gut microbiome.

Take it really easy that first day. No need to rush. Since it was only 3 days, I was able to eat normal keto by the day after I broke my bone broth fast.

What Kind of Bone Broth To Use?

I didn’t use a ton of different kinds. I decided to get prepackaged bone broth, which you can find at all the health food stores, and I bought one package per day.

But I am planning on making my own bone broth here in the near future.

I will be using my leftover bones from chicken to make my broth, but others have made fish bone broth, chicken feet bone broth, and beef bone broth, and even pork bones, with a lot of success.

What Kind Of Bones Are Best For Bone Broth?

It doesn’t seem to matter the animal types of bones that you use, as long as you can boil the high quality bone marrow out of the bones and into the broth.

My plan is to use my slow cooker, throw in leftover bones from a chicken carcass, with some starchy vegetables, like carrots and onions, and low carb veggies like celery and green peppers. Salt it generously with Sea Salt, and add some turmeric and cayenne pepper for the many health benefits that they provide.

You can check this person’s bone broth recipe, and how they use their slow cooker to make the low carb broth. It is so easy!

Can bone broth be used with other weight loss diets?

This is a question I get asked because I have tried so many different diets. The many benefits of bone broth go way beyond diets. It can easily be introduced into your family without having to go on any particular diet at all. But it can be used while on the keto diet, follows the paleo diet, if homemade it is non processed foods, and can easily be implemented while following intermittent fasting. It doesn’t follow a vegetarian or vegan diet though.

What are the many health benefits of a bone broth fast?

consuming bone broth helps with:

  • Brain Health, by promoting anti inflammatory responses.
  • Leaky Gut, by giving your stomach a break from inflammatory foods, and providing collagen and other nutrients which have been known to give an improved digestive track, which leads to gut health.
  • Removing inflammatory foods, and filling your body with healthy bone broth that is full of immune boosting properties, like amino acids, your cells will be able to strengthen the immune system.
  • Bone broth is a rich source of collagen, which helps form the foundations of supportive tissues in the body, including cartilage and bone, just like other collagen supplements do.
  • When fasting, autophagy can still have an affect which gives your body a chance to do some heavy duty healing. Autophagy has been shown to help with blood sugar control, and fixes metabolic syndromes.
  • Collagen is known to reduced joint pain.
  • I’ve personally lost about seven pounds of weight after bone broth fasting. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to cleanse themselves of toxins that may be lurking in their digestive system or looking to lose some weight. (for a full list of benefits, click here)
a cup of warm bone broth with beef bones and steak to the side, with carrots

In the end I really enjoyed writing my Bone Broth Fast review, because the experience really helped my body get back on track.